Mid-America Saddlebred Horse Club

Promoting the American Saddlebred Horse in the midwest since 1973.

Our horse show will offer online entries through HorseShowsOnline.com (HSO). Below are instructions to get you started with your online account.

First, you’ll need to go to HorseShowsOnline.com to register for your free account. When you get to the home screen, look on the right side and click the link that says “Login or create an account”.

Simply fill in all the required information, agree to the terms of service, create your login ID and password. Now you’re ready to start setting up your account!

Once you’re on your home page, look for a tab that says “My people, horses, and shows” near the top of the page. Click on that tab. This is where you’ll be setting up your online entries.

Click on “Add a new person“. Horse owners need to be created before any horses can be added. Once you have all your owners and riders in the system, you can move on to horses.

To enter a horse, click on the tab that says “Horses” and follow the same process as when you added people. It may take some time to get all of this information entered in, but it will be worth it in the end. You only have to enter it one time and it will permanently stay in your account.

Once everything is entered in, you can use this information for every show that you enter on HorseShowsOnline.com.

When it’s time to enter a show, you’ll click on the tab that says “Show entries” (next to the people and horses tabs in your account). Click on the pencil icon that says “Enter a show—create a new online entry”. You can also enter a show by going to the “Show Selector” tab and clicking on the show you wish to enter. If the show you choose is correct, click “OK—start a new entry”.

Fill in the required information for each step. The online entry wizard will guide you through each step to complete the entry form. Review your entry and then click “Checkout” to submit the new entry. The last step of checking out will generate the final entry form, and will submit to the show secretary for review and acceptance.

If you start an entry, and do not have time to finish, you can come back anytime to work on it.